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Anís en Grano Sancho - Logo Verde Transparente GrandeWe have a wealth of experience in the field of aniseed, spanning 3 generations. The company’s origins date back to 1940, when Mr Francisco Sancho Lara began to sell aniseed as a commercial agent, connecting growers and companies.

In 1960, after 20 years as a commercial agent, Mr Francisco Sancho Lara decided to start his own production and to invest in facilities. The company’s first export occurred a year later, in 1961, destined for Germany.

During the 70s and 80s there was a scarcity of aniseed on the market due to periods of drought, meaning Anís en Grano Sancho had to resort to imports in order to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Since then, Anís en Grano Sancho has continued to expand into many different countries in Europe and North and South America.

Currently the 3rd and 4th generations are working side by side, and we are immersed in a process of internationalisation, with the aim of expanding our customer portfolio worldwide and consolidating our position on the international scene.





Production installation


First export to Germany


Import period


First export to America


Supply our customers with aniseed of exceptional quality, adapted to the needs of their manufacturing process and their final product.


Be a leading company in the spice sector in Europe and America, specialising in aniseed.



Advancement, improvement and redesign are the three pillars of our company. Together with our growers, we experiment with new cultivation techniques year after year, incorporating machinery with the latest technology into the production process, and we optimise the management of all areas of our business.


We understand the value one person adds to another’s work when working together in a team. Teamwork promotes a good work environment, and leads to a positive atmosphere that encourages the achievement of personal and organisational goals.

Environmental commitment

As an agricultural food company, the countryside and nature are our closest allies. We promote organic farming and novel forms of agriculture. This makes farming more efficient, and has a positive impact on the environment.


Providing all the information requested by our collaborators is the pillar on which the trustworthiness and dependability of our work is based, and it is the starting point for long-term relationships with our stakeholders.


We envisage management based on continuous progress, encouraging the interaction and contribution of all our collaborators, and addressing all their needs and demands.

Our team

We are a SME, so our small team is like a family.

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Located in Villanueva de Tapia (Malaga), Anís en Grano Sancho S.L. is situated right in the centre of the aniseed cultivation area. This facilitates the management of cultivation, and allows personal relationships with all our growers.

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ANÍS EN GRANO SANCHO S.L., ha recibido una ayuda de la Unión Europea con cargo al Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural FEADER (90%) y la Consejería de Agricultura, Pesca, Agua y Desarrollo Rural de la Junta de Andalucía (10%) para el proyecto denominado ADQUISICIÓN DE MAQUINARIA SELECCIONADORA DE GRANO PARA MEJORA DE LA COMPETITIVIDAD que tiene por objetivo optimizar el rendimiento y calidad del producto mediante un sistema innovador y que contribuye al ahorro energético. La puesta en marcha de una actividad innovadora relacionada con las nuevas tecnologías en Villanueva de Tapia (Málaga)
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