Anís en grano Sancho

At Anís en Grano Sancho we are committed to innovation, and our production process is adapted to satisfy the needs of our most exacting customers.

With 3000 m2 dedicated to storage and production, our chain of production allows us to process 4000 tons of aniseed per year, with a purity of 99.80%, which helps our customers optimise their own production process.

Cleaning System

Our system for cleaning the aniseed of all residual substances arising from the harvesting process consists of three distinct phases:

Screening machines

With a total of 18 sieves this first phase eliminates the heavier impurities, such as sticks, soil, chaff, and other heavy seeds. There are also two low-pressure aspirators that remove the lightest impurities, such as small twigs, leaves, or similar material, which arise from the harvesting process.


This machine works with a weight-volume system, and serves to eliminate other types of seeds and small stones.


FULL COLOR INFINITY 2 optical colour sorter: for our most exacting customers, this machine recognises 16 million colours, and uses the ejection of air at high pressure to eliminate residual seeds that are very similar to aniseed, and which other machines cannot eliminate.

The comprehensive monitoring of all phases of the process and classification guarantees standards of the highest quality, which is why our customers trust us year after year.

Anis Sancho Laboratory

Moreover, at Anís en Grano Sancho we have our own laboratory, enabling us to analyse the essential oil yield of all our aniseed. This allows a rapid classification of the aniseed according to its characteristics, which subsequently determines which customer will receive it.

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ANÍS EN GRANO SANCHO S.L., ha recibido una ayuda de la Unión Europea con cargo al Fondo Europeo Agrícola de Desarrollo Rural FEADER (90%) y la Consejería de Agricultura, Pesca, Agua y Desarrollo Rural de la Junta de Andalucía (10%) para el proyecto denominado ADQUISICIÓN DE MAQUINARIA SELECCIONADORA DE GRANO PARA MEJORA DE LA COMPETITIVIDAD que tiene por objetivo optimizar el rendimiento y calidad del producto mediante un sistema innovador y que contribuye al ahorro energético. La puesta en marcha de una actividad innovadora relacionada con las nuevas tecnologías en Villanueva de Tapia (Málaga)
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